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5. Client Summaries of Business Succession and Proprietors Agreements:


Different Types of Business Succession Agreement

5.1 - Complete Succession or Business Insurance Trust Agreement (Client Summary)

5.2 - Simple Succession or Self-Ownership Business Succession Agreement (Client Summary)

Benefits of Complete Succession Agreement

5.3 - Benefits of a Complete Succession (or Business Insurance Trust) Agreement

Comparing Different Types of Business Succession Agreement

5.4 - Comparing the Benefits of Business Succession Agreements

Business Proprietors Agreements

5.5 - Contents of Business Proprietors Agreement

5.6 - Proprietors Agreement Instructions [Explanation of Commercial Issues]


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Adviser Tip

The One Page Strategy is designed to help you simplify Succession Planning.

It helps you understand your needs, it helps you quantify them, it helps you cost them, and it helps you prioritise them.

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