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15. One Policy and Multiple Policy Strategies:


Alternative Policy Ownership Strategies

15.1 - One Policy Strategy

15.2 - Multiple Policy Strategy

15.3 - Hybrid One Page, Two Policy Strategy

Policy Ownership Calculator

15.4 - Policy Ownership Calculator (Illustrates Multiple Policy Strategy)

Case Studies for Alternative Methods of Policy Ownership

15.5 - Complete Succession One Policy Worksheet (Business Insurance Trust Agreement)

15.6 - Complete Succession Multiple Policy (Two or Three Policy) Worksheet (Hybrid Business Insurance Trust Agreement)

15.7 - Simple Succession Worksheet (Self-Ownership Business Succession Agreement)


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Adviser Tip

The One Page Strategy is designed to help you simplify Succession Planning.

It helps you understand your needs, it helps you quantify them, it helps you cost them, and it helps you prioritise them.

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