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Below are copies of marketing, fact-finding and technical materials with respect to the Clover Law Complete and Simple Succession Strategies:


1. One Page Case Study, Overview and Summaries


2. How Asset, Liability and Personal Strategies Work Together


3. Questions for Business Owners


4. Ideas for Client Invitations


5. Client Summaries of Business Succession and Proprietors Agreements


6. Brochures


7. Marketing Schedule


8. Fees and Cost Savings


9. Risk Analysis Worksheets (One Page Succession Plan)


10. Fact Finders (From Complete Succession Questionnaire)


11. Future Variations of Succession Plan and Agreement


12. Payment of Premiums
13. Uninsurability and Retirement Funding
14. Diagrams (Taxation of Alternative Methods of Policy Ownership)


15. One Policy and Multiple Policy Strategies


16. Comparing the Benefits of Alternative Agreements


17. Super Fund Ownership
18. Procedure


19. Common Business Misunderstandings and Responses


20. Understanding Business Entities



Many of the pages on the Complete Succession web site contain an Adviser Tip in the right hand column.

They are collected here.



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Adviser Tip

The One Page Strategy is designed to help you simplify Succession Planning.

It helps you understand your needs, it helps you quantify them, it helps you cost them, and it helps you prioritise them.

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