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The Feedback on this page includes both positive feedback and comments that express criticism or scepticism about Complete Succession Strategies and Services.

The Importance of Negative Feedback

Clover Law believes that it is important to consider the negative comments, because they reveal the Advisers' views about the Complete Succession methodology.

This methodology is designed to deal with important (and sometimes complicated) issues in a common sense, commercial and logical manner that is relatively easy to understand.

It assumes and requires a level of collaboration between Business, Adviser and Lawyer, so that everybody can achieve the same goal efficiently and cost-effectively.

The Complete Succession approach won't necessarily suit the temperament of every Adviser.

Improving the System and Methodology

Just as importantly, Clover Law is determined to improve the System so that more Businesses develop a Succession Plan that they can understand and commit to long-term.

Feedback, both positive and negative, helps achieve this goal.


Positive Feedback:


Client (Majority Shareholder)

This agreement is long overdue and is a good first step for the four of us…

You have made this exercise very easy for us, I wish we had been referred to you much earlier.


Client (Managing Director of Third Generation Family Business)

Many thanks for our Draft Succession Plan which I read with pleasure.

Congratulations on producing this excellent document which very successfully distils the jumbled thoughts and concerns expressed in the meeting into a few much more manageable questions.

I guess that's why you are an expert in this field.

I believe that you have correctly ascertained the mood of the meeting and documented it accordingly.


Client (Chief Financial Officer)

Good morning Ian,

Thanks for your informative presentation today.

We have achieved more in an hour than I have been able to progress in 9 years.



Just wanted to let you know how happy I was with the way you handled yesterday & perhaps, more importantly, you should know that (the clients) were extremely impressed & satisfied with the way it went. I think the term they used was "that bloke knows his shit".

I believe they are more than comfortable with the level of cover now & in fact wouldn't be surprised if they upped it a bit.



As you know, Ian Gray is more a Business Insurance Trainer these days than simply a Lawyer specialising in Business Insurance documentation.

As well, Ian doesn’t only advocate Trustee ownership of insurance but will encompass self-ownership as well, if that’s what the client insists on.

Whatever is necessary for the Adviser to write the case, including attending presentations to the client and/or their Accountants. Plus Ian is available to the Adviser by ‘phone 7 days a week.



I cannot fault [Ian] in his delivery and making the concept of " One Page, One Policy" so simple and understandable.

For such a large prospect, it was invaluable.



I'm very impressed by your approach. I will be sure to refer you more business.



I urge you to meet with Ian Gray. Please let me tell you why.

Ian is a former Partner of Phillips Fox who not only decided to specialise in Business Succession work but has Tax Office approval for his use of Trust ownership (of policies) and his documentation.

I believe Ian has revolutionised the way Business insurance is written in Australia as his step by step process and fixed price documentation has allowed Advisers to take complete control of the entire process.

He has made a huge difference to the way I do business as no cases fizzle out now due to delays.



Ian is not your usual Lawyer. By that I mean he speaks in simple English and has good communication and people skills!

Ask around, here and interstate, and you will find many Advisers singing his praises about how he has changed their businesses and increased their income.

Ian is not for the faint hearted. He’s not really interested in ‘dabblers’ and time-wasters.
If a good quality Adviser genuinely wants to increase his income and the value of his client register – and is prepared to learn – then Ian is exactly the right person for them to meet.



Every time I do a meeting with you, I learn something new.



Ian mentioned recently that he’d had discussions with you about participating in his
system but you are dubious about the benefits he offers and whether you will get
value for the cost of participating.

Let me explain how Ian can help you, shall I?

(1) Ian’s system creates much larger cases because it incorporates an
ASIC- compliant fact find which identifies many more insurable issues than simply
the amount of individual equity to be funded.

(2) Ian’s questionnaire and worksheets are an easy to follow join-the-dots exercise
which leave out nothing and are sufficient for an ATO-approved Insurance Trust
Agreement to be produced if accompanied by the supporting documents, eg the
Memorandum of Articles, Trust Deeds etc.

(3) Ian quotes a fixed fee per Agreement and includes up to 2 hours consultation
with your clients &/or their Accountants. What other Lawyer does this? In fact, I’ve seen
other Law firms quote up to $10,000 for an Agreement for simple self-ownership with
additional hourly charges for discussions and variations.

(4) By participating in Ian’s ongoing system, you benefit by regular marketing tips and
technical information as well as having a Specialist Lawyer, Ian, virtually on tap 7 days
a week, at no charge to you. Where else can you get this?

(5) Ian’s ‘one policy’ method creates substantial premium savings for your clients by
aggregating sums insured and reducing policy fees to one per client. Generally, the
saving of these costs alone add up to more than the fee Ian charges. As well, it’s
easy to adjust sums insured for various payees without needing to advise the Insurer
or to have sum insured increases underwritten (with the risk of declinature).

(6) Ian’s turn around time is usually 2 days, from receipt of questionnaire and all other
supporting documents to you receiving the draft Agreement. Most other Lawyers cannot
give a fixed price because they don’t know how long the Agreement will take to draft.

Let me give you an example of how Ian has helped me recently.

We did 2 joint appointments together for the same prospect, a total consultation time
of over 3 hours plus about 80 minutes total travelling time. With Ian’s assistance in
winning over their Accountant who was also present, we doubled their proposed sum
insured, resulting in a total premium of nearly $20,000. Ian’s total fee, including the
Agreement, was $2,530. He can do that for you, too.

… all I can say to you is don’t pass up this unique opportunity. The participation fee
is chickenfeed as you’ll pay for it many times over with your very 1st case.

Good hunting!



Criticism and Scepticism:


I'm not convinced that there is any benefit in having a Client's Cover on one policy, nor do I see any benefit in the one page summary.

Everything a Client needs to know is on their Schedule of Policies.



I don't think I could sell that much cover at the same time.

I would rather just do the buy/sell cover now and come back and do their other needs in a few years.



I don't think I should have to find out information about the client's business structure.

That's not an insurance issue, that's a legal issue.



If a Client doesn't want to get a legal agreement, that shouldn't stop me writing their cover.



I don't want a lawyer coming anywhere near my clients.

I would rather sell the cover first and then send them off to a lawyer.

That way, the lawyer won't stuff up the sale.



As an engineer, I thought that talking about my needs in terms of Blue, Red and Green insulted my intelligence.

I expected a far more intellectual approach to our Succession Plan.



If you aren't sure about trust ownership, we can refer you to an independent lawyer or BDM.



Your presentation made a lot of sense at the time.

However, the next PD Day I went to, another lawyer pushed self-ownership and said there was something wrong with insurance trusts.

I am confused and have decided to stay out of the business insurance market until this is all clarified.



I don't understand why I should pay you, just so I can refer clients to you.


Practice Manager

The feedback from the adviser was that they didn't like your system.

However, the client loved it, so the adviser had no option but to use it.



I want to be the key adviser in the client's eyes.

There is too much risk that they will value your advice more than mine.



Their [an insurance company's] products are good and I want to use them.

However, they keep getting the same speakers at their workshops and they always criticise trust ownership without saying why.

I wish they would explain their reasons, so I could make up my own mind.



My clients want their premiums to be deductible. I can't argue with them.



How can you be right, if every other lawyer disagrees with you?



Your system was too complicated.

I had to take the information in your questionnaire and put it into our fact-finder.


Practice Manager

I don't see what benefit an Adviser would get from having a Lawyer attend the client meeting.

Our Advisers should be able to analyse a client's business structure and balance sheet themselves.

They have also had a lot of training about Buy/Sell Agreements.



I have a budget to meet and I don't want to get bogged down in paperwork.



Ian Gray is biased in favour of trust ownership. He doesn't say enough positive things about self-ownership.


Practice Manager

The insurance companies can teach them everything they need to know about Buy/Sell.



Next time I come across a case, I would like to talk to you about the difference between putting the cover on one policy and putting it on multiple policies.



I will contact you again if a buy/sell opportunity comes up.



Copyright: Clover Law Pty Ltd



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The Adviser Support System is designed to overcome an Adviser's technical concerns about Business Succession Planning.

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