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Gold Marketing Licence


A Gold Marketing Licence is intended for Advisers who wish to proactively and strategically market Business Insurance on a regular basis throughout the year.

Unlike a Platinum Marketing Licence, a Gold Marketing Licence is restricted to Meetings (including Teleconferences) and Advice with respect to two (2) Clients and/or Centres of Influence during the 12 month period.


Adviser Licence Fees

An annual Licence Fee is payable by the Adviser.

The current Licence Fee is set out in the Special Offer section of the Adviser Brochure.

The Special Offer Licence Fee is currently equivalent to the standard Clover Law charge-out rate for two hours.


Two Hour Training Session

All Advisers who acquire a Marketing Licence are required to attend a one-on-one Two Hour Training Session.

The session is a structured presentation that focuses on marketing and practical issues. It is designed to help an Adviser market Business Insurance methodically and confidently.

The fee for a Two Hour Training Session is $330 in addition to the Licence Fee.


Free Marketing and Technical Support

The Licence Fee effectively switches off Clover Law ’s hourly charge out rate for general marketing and technical support to the Adviser during the term of the Licence on the following basis:

  • the Adviser is entitled to a Meeting or Advice (including marketing and technical advice) of up to two hours for each Business Client that might require an Agreement at no cost to the Client;

  • the Adviser is entitled to use the copyright worksheets, questionnaire and other technical and marketing materials contained in the Business Insurance Manual with respect to no more than two Business Clients per annum;

  • the Adviser is entitled to obtain free updates of the Business Insurance Manual from time to time; and

  • the Adviser is entitled to obtain up to ten monthly emailed marketing tips per annum.


Client Fees

Under a Gold Marketing Licence:

  • The initial Meeting or Advice is complimentary, even if the Client does not ultimately use Clover Law ’s Documentation Service;

  • Any Additional Meetings or Advice may be charged to the Client in accordance with a Fixed Fee quotation;

  • The Client is entitled to obtain a concessional, Fixed Fee quotation for the preparation of Business Insurance Trust Agreement (normally a discount of $990 compared with the Fee payable by a Business whose Adviser does not have a current Marketing Licence) if the Business complies with the requirements of a Reduced Fee.

A Business which is entitled to a Concessional Fee can therefore save $990 with respect to the cost of their Agreement.


Duration of Marketing Licence

The right to use the Marketing System expires on the earlier of the following dates:

  • 12 months from the date of invoice or payment; or

  • the date three months after the second Client or Centre of Influence Meeting or Advice.

If the Licence is renewed before it expires, the renewal fee will be the original discounted Licence Fee. Renewal before the expiry effectively locks in the renewal fee at the original rate.

If the Licence is renewed after it expires, the renewal fee for a twelve-month Licence will be the current non-discounted Licence Fee at the time.


Re-Activation Training

If you do not use the documentation service for 12 months or re-activate your Licence after it expires, Clover Law may require you to do a Training Session to address any concerns you might have and make sure that you are comfortable with how the Marketing System works.

This course may be part of a group session.


Adviser Brochure and Application Form

Click here to download a PDF copy of the Adviser Brochure and Application Form.


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Adviser Tip

A Gold Marketing Licence is restricted to Meetings (including Teleconferences) and Advice with respect to two (2) Clients and/or Centres of Influence during the 12 month period.

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