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Documentation Licence (or Client Referral)


A Documentation Licence is intended for Advisers who wish to give Business Succession Planning and Business Insurance Advice to a specific Business Client on a one-off basis.


No Adviser Licence Fees

Unlike a Marketing Licence, the Adviser pays no Licence Fee to IGS.


Client Fees

Under a Documentation Licence:

  • unlike a Marketing Licence, a Documentation Licence does not switch-off the hourly charge-out rates charged by IGS;

  • the Business Client pays Legal Fees on the normal non-concessional Fee for Service basis;

  • the Business Client pays an Initial Meeting and Advice Fee of $990 for any Meeting or Advice required by the Adviser or Client;

  • the Business Client pays the Standard Documentation Fee;

  • the Meeting and Advice Fee is credited against the Documentation Fee if the Documentation proceeds; and

  • Any Additional Meetings or Advice may be charged to the Client in accordance with a Fixed Fee quotation.


Technical Support for Adviser

The Meeting and Advice Fee extends to any technical advice required by the Adviser for up to one hour in addition to the two hours allowed for in Meetings and Advice.

The aim of the Technical Support is to enable technical support to the Adviser (or with respect to the Adviser’s recommendations) with respect to the following issues:

  • The ownership of the Insurance Cover;

  • The taxation of the Insurance Proceeds;

  • The deductibility of the Premiums;

  • The apportionment of the Premiums;

  • The completion of the Worksheets and the Questionnaire; and

  • The procedure for arranging the Insurance Cover and Legal Documentation.


Benefits Advisers Receive Under Documentation Licence

A Documentation Licence entitles an Adviser to:

  • use the copyright Worksheets, Questionnaire and Client Brochure for the one Business Client;

  • obtain up to one hour’s Technical Support with respect to the one Business Client; and

  • obtain a non-concessional, Fixed Fee quotation for the preparation of a Business Succession Agreement for the one Business Client.


Benefits Advisers Don’t Receive Under Documentation Licence

Unlike a Marketing Licence, a Documentation Licence does not entitle an Adviser to:

  • unlimited telephone or email advice with respect to general technical or marketing issues relating to Business Insurance;

  • obtain up to two hours Marketing and Technical advice with respect to each Business that might require an Agreement at no extra cost;

  • use the other technical and marketing materials contained in the Business Insurance Manual; or

  • obtain free updates of the Business Insurance Manual from time to time obtain up to ten monthly emailed marketing tips per annum.


Duration of Documentation Licence

The Licence (including the right to use the copyright Worksheets, Questionnaire and Client Brochure) expires after use for the preparation of a Proposal or Business Succession Agreement for the one Business Client.


Copyright: Ian Gray Solicitor



Adviser Tip

For Advisers without a current Marketing Licence, the Meeting and Advice Fee paid by the Business is credited against the Documentation Fee if the Documentation proceeds.


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Current Marketing Schedule

Current Marketing Schedule

Ian Gray travels to most capital cities regularly throughout the year and is available for Meetings.

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