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Avoiding the Negatives

Many Advisers discuss the need for a Business Succession Plan with Clients in a way that highlights the negative implications of not having a Succession Plan or Buy/Sell Strategy.


Which Hat Are You Wearing?

As discussed here, a Client's views about a Succession Plan depend on whether they see themselves wearing a Purchaser's Hat or a Vendor's Hat.


What Do You Think About When You Think About Succession Planning?

Click here to see some questions that help a Business Person think about the issues from both perspectives.


Accentuating the Positive

It is also important to think of a Succession Plan as a positive strategy that effectively creates a "capital guarantee" with respect to the value of your Equity in the Business.

Click here to read how a Succession Plan creates a "Hedge and Wedge Strategy".


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The Training Session is designed to help an Adviser market Business Insurance methodically and confidently.


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Current Marketing Schedule

Current Marketing Schedule

Ian Gray travels to most capital cities regularly throughout the year and is available for Meetings.

Please click here to see his availability in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide and Perth.

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