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Questions to Ask Business Clients


Avoiding the Negatives

Many Advisers discuss the need for a Business Succession Plan with Clients in a way that highlights the negative implications of not having a Succession Plan or Buy/Sell Strategy.


Which Hat Are You Wearing?

As discussed here, a Client's views about a Succession Plan depend on whether they see themselves wearing a Purchaser's Hat or a Vendor's Hat.


What Do You Think About When You Think About Succession Planning?

Click here to see some questions that help a Business Person think about the issues from both perspectives.


Accentuating the Positive

It is also important to think of a Succession Plan as a positive strategy that effectively creates a "capital guarantee" with respect to the value of your Equity in the Business.

Click here to read how a Succession Plan creates a "Hedge and Wedge Strategy".


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The Training Session is designed to help an Adviser market Business Insurance methodically and confidently.


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