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Clients and Advisers should consider the possibility of a Teleconference before arranging a Client Meeting.

This can reduce delays and minimise the cost to the Adviser and Client.

The aim of a Teleconference is to:

  • explain the content of a One Page, One Policy Succession Plan; and

  • complete the Complete Succession Worksheets with respect to the Lives Insured.

Once Clover Law has completed the Worksheets and sent them to the Adviser and the Business, the Adviser can proceed with their costings and advice.

The need for a Client Meeting can usually be determined during or after the Teleconference.


Free 20 Minute Teleconference

If a Client is uncertain whether to attend a Client Meeting or use the Clover Law Documentation Service, Clover Law offers a free teleconference (of up to 20 minutes) with the Client to explain the purpose and benefits of a Complete Succession Plan and the "One Page, One Policy Strategy".


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Adviser Tip

Client and Centre of Influence Meetings are conducted during cyclical, three-to-four-weekly Marketing Trips to each capital city at no additional cost to a Licensed Adviser or their Client.

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Please contact us to arrange a meeting or teleconference.