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Additional Fact-Finding Fees


It is not always possible to complete all of the details of the Business Structure and Liabilities of the Business in the Client Meeting or Teleconference.

Examples of information that might not be available are:

  • details of any Family Trusts or other Related Parties that own any of the Equity in the Business;

  • the exact number of shares or units that have to be sold (rather than the percentage);

  • details of the Borrower and Lender with respect to any debts that the Business wishes to insure.

Clover Law will identify any additional information not collected in the Meeting in the draft Questionnaire or Worksheets prepared by Clover Law.

Clover Law will also identify any information that the parties might not have been certain about.

The standard Documentation Fees assume that the Business or Adviser will supply any additional information about the Business Structure and Liabilities of the Business in the completed Questionnaire.

If the information is not supplied in the Questionnaire, there will be an additional Legal Fee of $440 to collect the information from the Business or its Advisers, review it and incorporate it into the Succession Plan and Documentation.

Draft Questionnaire

Clients and Advisers should email or fax the draft completed Questionnaire to Clover Law before formally submitting it, so that Clover Law can advise what additional information still needs to be supplied.

If this information is supplied with the completed Questionnaire before the Cover is applied for, this will usually avoid the need for the Fact-Finding Fee.


Change of Fee Policy

Clover Law reserves the right to change the Fee Structure from time to time.

Any change will not affect any Fixed Fee quotation for the preparation of an Agreement that has been accepted and paid in accordance with the quotation.


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Adviser Tip

The standard Fee allows for up to two (2) hours’ consultation with the Adviser or Client with respect to the Client’s needs and the completion of the Questionnaire.

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