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Taxation Implications of Policy Ownership

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CGT Exemptions:

CGT Exemptions for Insurance

2015 Amendments

Death Benefits

Non-Death Benefits

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Methods of Policy Ownership:

Ownership Implications

Cross Ownership

Self Ownership

Trust Ownership

Super Buy/Sell


Buy/Sell Cover:

Implications for Buy/Sell Cover

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Trust Ownership

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Debt Reduction Cover:

Implications for Debt Reduction Cover

Cross Ownership

Self Ownership

Trust Ownership

Bank Ownership


Third Party Payments:

Implications for Promises to Distribute Insurance Proceeds to Third Parties


Commercial Debt Forgiveness:

Commercial Debt Forgiveness

Cross Ownership

Self Ownership

Trust Ownership


Super Fund Ownership:

Super Fund Ownership

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Other Disadvantages

Geared Premium Funding


Aggregation onto One Policy:

Methods of Aggregation









Cross-Ownership of Buy/Sell Cover


Traditionally, each Life Insured's Buy/Sell Cover has been owned by the Purchasers (i.e., the Proprietors other than the Life Insured).

This method of ownership is commonly called "Cross-Ownership" (because someone other than the Life Insured owns the Policy).



Click here to see a diagram that illustrates the Cross-Ownership of Buy/Sell Cover and Debt Reduction Cover.


Death Benefit

Cross-Ownership will normally obtain a CGT exemption for the Death Benefit.


Non-Death Benefits

Unfortunately, Cross-Ownership will result in a CGT liability in the case of Non-Death Benefits.


Implications for Policies that Bundle Death and Non-Death Benefits

Because Non-Death Benefits are usually bundled with a Death Benefit under the one Policy, there is a risk that Cross-Ownership of a Policy will result in a CGT liability.


Normal Methods of Ownership

As a result, the normal method of ownership of all Buy/Sell Insurance is now Self-Ownership or Trust Ownership.

It is no longer normal for the Business or the Purchasers to own Buy/Sell Insurance (“Cross-Ownership”), because of the CGT liability with respect to Non-Death Benefits. 


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Adviser Tip

Trust ownership is an indirect form of self-ownership.

The Life Insured is the "beneficial owner" for legal and tax purposes under the roof of the Trust.

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