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Ian Gray

Ian Gray is a specialist in Business Succession Planning, Exit Strategy Advice and Business Risk Management.

Until it merged with Clover Law on 1 July, 2022, he was the Proprietor of Ian Gray Solicitor, a legal firm based in Brisbane that serviced Advisers, Accountants and Clients in every state and territory of Australia.

In 1987, Ian developed the Complete Succession Agreement which utilises a unique Trust Structure that allows business people and high net worth individuals to deal with any combination of business and personal needs on one Insurance Policy.

The Complete Succession Agreement simplifies insurance arrangements that might otherwise have complex commercial, legal and taxation implications.

The Agreement also documents Retirement Strategies for Multiple-Proprietor Businesses.

It's more than a Buy/Sell Agreement. It's a Complete Succession Plan!





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Welcome to Complete Succession!


Complete Succession Knowledge Centre

This is our Knowledge Centre.

If you already know what type of Business Succession Plan or Business Succession Agreement you want, please contact us about preparing your agreement.


"We Know We Need a Succession Plan"

Most business owners know you need a Business Succession Plan.

You probably hear about them all the time.

The problem is nobody can tell you what a Succession Plan looks like or what "jobs" it can do!

This simple issue is the cause of the three most common problems of Business Succession Planning!


"We Don't Have a Business Succession Plan!"

The first and most common problem in Business Succession Planning is not having a Succession Plan at all!

If you don't know what one looks like, how do you know what to look for? Or where to get one?

Who do you talk to? Do they know what they're talking about?

Then, sometimes, when you try to get advice, it's all jargon, nothing makes sense, it takes forever to get an answer, and it costs a fortune!

Has this happened to you? Already? Not yet?

Well, it doesn't have to!


"We Thought We Needed a Succession Plan (But We Were Told to Get a Buy/Sell Agreement)"

The second most common problem is not having the Succession Plan you need.

Not because you couldn't afford it, but because nobody explained how to work out what you needed.

Buy/Sell Agreements

A Buy/Sell Agreement (or Buy/Sell Insurance Agreement) does one job. It deals with Insurance. Your Adviser might have told you that you had to get a Buy/Sell Agreement after they'd arranged your Insurance.

The Agreement might do this job well. But the question to ask is whether that is the only job that needs to be done to give your Business a Succession Plan.


What if We Already Have a Buy/Sell Agreement?

Do you know what jobs your Buy/Sell Agreement does and doesn't do? Were they explained to you?

Do you understand the commercial repercussions of not doing any of these jobs?

Are you getting your money's worth out of your Agreement?


Get Your Succession Plan "Out of the In-Basket"!

The third most common problem is that, even if you've tried to get advice, the Succession Plan for most Businesses is still sitting in your in-basket.

It just got too hard!

We can help you get your Succession Plan out of your in-basket and into the filing cabinet, so that you can have peace of mind!


We Can Help You Get What You Need!

We can help you work out what you need.

Then we can help you get what you need.

If you've already done something, we can help you understand whether you really have a Business Succession Plan.

Would you like some advice in this area?

Would it help if the advice was easy to understand?

Would it help if your Succession Plan could be summarised on one page?


How Do We Get You What You Need?

Clover Law believes the way to do this is a combination of:

  • methodical analysis of your Business Structure and Needs;

  • common sense commercial advice;

  • quality documentation;

  • quick turn around of documentation, amendments and advice; and

  • Fixed Legal Fees!


If You're Ready, Contact Us

If you know what type of Business Succession Plan or Business Succession Agreement you want, please check out the customised and online documentation facilities on our sister website:

Complete Succession Solutions

Clover Law will quote a Fixed Fee for your Agreement.

If you want to understand more about Succession Planning before you decide, continue reading!

If you're not sure, please contact Clover Law here.


Can I Just Talk to Someone Briefly? (Free 20 Minute Teleconference)

If a Client is uncertain whether to attend a Client Meeting or use the Clover Law Documentation Service, Clover Law offers a free teleconference (of up to 20 minutes) with the Client to explain the purpose and benefits of a Complete Succession Plan and the "One Page, One Policy Strategy".


4 May, 2015

Adverse ATO Interpretative Decision re Super Buy/Sell Cover and Agreement

On 1 May, 2015, the ATO published an Interpretative Decision (ATO ID 2015/10), which effectively concludes that the practice known as “Super Buy/Sell” contravenes the Sole Purpose Test under section 62 of the Superannuation Industry (Supervision) Act.

The ATOID resulted from the SMSF Specific Advice issued on 12 March, 2014 and referred to in this update.

Stay tuned for a more detailed Clover Law update with respect to the meaning and implications of this Decision.


26 March, 2015

Amendments to Capital Gains Tax Exemptions for Compensation and Insurance under Income Tax Assessment Act 1997

On 19 March, 2015, the Federal Parliament passed a number of amendments to the Income Tax Legislation dealing with the taxation of Life Insurance Policies.

The amendments have very positive implications for the Clover Law Business Insurance Trust Agreement (or “Complete Succession Agreement”).

The Legislation confirms the entitlement of the Complete Succession Agreement to the CGT Exemptions for both Death and Non-Death Benefits.

However, it has also created scope for even more innovative and flexible use of the Complete Succession Agreement.

Stay tuned for more Clover Law technical and marketing materials and initiatives with respect to the amendments.


Index B: FAQ's about Business Succession Planning

See here for more FAQ's about Succession Planning.


Index C: Clover Law Business Succession Planning Services

See here for more information about Clover Law Business Succession Agreements and Services.


Important Notice

The information and opinions on this web site are not intended to be acted or relied on by any Business or Adviser, except on the terms of a formal fee-for-service Lawyer and Client relationship with Clover Law pursuant to which Clover Law:

  • identifies the specific needs of the Client; and

  • advises with respect to those needs;


Limitation of Liability under Professional Standards Legislation

Liability is limited by a scheme approved under Professional Standards Legislation.


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Clover Law conducts an introductory training session designed for Advisers and Administrative Staff who will be involved in the documentation of Business Insurance cases.

The session is a structured presentation that focuses on marketing and practical issues. It is designed to help an Adviser market Business Insurance methodically and confidently.


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